Learn more about my Sri Lankan Malay culture with me


A large of of part of Sri Lankan Malay culture revolves around food and I’ll share recipes our favorite recipes from my mom and aunties. I’ll also share links from any experts that I find along the way

Historical Contributions

I’ll be learning more about Sri Lankan Malay contributions to Sri Lankan history and my family tree


The Sri Lankan Malay language is now an endangered language. Although I speak Sinhalese, I’d like to learn Malay and will share any information I find along the way

A Cultural Heritage Preservation Project

The purpose of this blog is to help our family preserve our Sri Lankan Malay cultural heritage. A large part of the Sri Lankan Malay culture revolves around food and we’re going to have our elders teach you our traditional cooking.

Find our favorite recipes here


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Side Dishes

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Contact Us

Let me know what you want to see more of by completing the contact form! Also, if you have more information on Sri Lankan Malay culture and would like to contribute information as an author feel free to reach out to me. I’m sure people would love to learn from you.


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